"You’ll be the first to know when I figure that shit out, pal, gotta keep ‘em guessing. Punching stuff in the face has worked out for me pretty damn great so far."

Oh yeah.

Reaches over to shove a fist against the bastards shoulder. “Long time no see, bitch! Good to know you haven’t died without me.”

"Looks like it’s a formula that went and dished results on both ends then, perfect." Met with the expected impact of a friendship filled fist, Oga was naturally the sort to return the favor. A set of knuckles lightly bumped against the clothed back of the fellow delinquent’s shoulder.

"Ya bastard. I still got a long time set for me n’ my squirt still, long as I got a muscle to move and a breath to take." Okay so maybe he was a pinch happy to see an old face. No one needed to know that.

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Videogames, uh? You know, if Luka knew what were those, he would probably agree with you. Whenever or not he liked to camp out and and he was strong enough to deal with the parade of monsters that sometimes decided to put him on their menù, that didn’t meant that he liked the idea of doing such thing without end. Not that in his world there would be any difference, but at least in there he knew what to expect and had ‘refuges’ where to go to if he was too tired to deal with the eldrich abomination of the day.


"Ah, so you too, uh?" The sigh that came out of the boy wasn’t one of relief. If other worlds had the same problem, what exactly should they expect? He knew that some creatures could do something similar, but the thought of these wormholes randomly happening…if it was a random coincidence at all, that’s it. "Well, in my case, I was called to check this strange opening in the air. It seemed very much a hole, and as I heard that people already got in, my plan was to save them. Well, until the hole closed behind me and I discovered that everyone that ended up here was already turned into food by the locals." Why did they even try? They can’t fight a slime, what made them even want to do something like that?

"Well…" Luka stopped in his steps, thinking about it. On one side, getting a refill of his favorite beverage was alluring, but on the other side…
You see, the boy is far from being violent. In fact, many times he has been pushed around just because of that, and even him could see that his kindness was often used for the wrong reasons. Yet, for once, the idea of actually kicking a few youkai’s asses wasn’t something he directly refused; Maybe by doing so, he would finally teach them a lesson and make them learn not to bother him over and over again? Plus, he heard that the village in itself was recently attacked more often, so that would help the humans too, right?

"…That…would probably help a lot." He began. "The village was recently assaulted, so I guess that if we did teach them a lesson, maybe they would even give us some discounts. I planned to do it myself later, but having someone with me will surely help." Help, yes. Doesn’t matter that Luka itself was already overkill for these small fries, now let’s add someone that punched Satan and lived to tell the tale to the team! That will surely be fair. Wait, when did anyone cared about fair-play anyway?

That worried sigh went over Oga’s head as the prospect of finding a way through the bars remained. A brow raised as his story held some gruesome implications to whatever foolhardy band that decided to fall through. Life goes on he suppose, not exactly the most selfless thing to believe, but a delinquent like him never been that way to begin with. As a plan was pieced together, this is where the teen’s attention was raised.

"Oh, bout that. Consider it a freebie by now. Showing me around the place is gonna give me n’ Baby Beel an edge here."

"Aih, dah ah!" Was the child’s swift agreement.

"Especially if you say there were some big hitters looming around these parts." While confidence was all nice and good, experience built knew better. Jumping in headfirst without rhyme or reason was practically the word stupid with two functioning legs. He’d have to play by their rules for time being. That is, unless someone felt more attracted to the idea of trying to bare their fangs as a greeting. Then his usual Tatsumi style would kick in without a lick of remorse. Just the thoughts caused his pace to increase by a few extra steps.

"Anyways. My gut has a good feeling for this party of ours. We’re finding our coffee while managing to make an entrance out of an exit. I have a crazy bunch that needs me to keep an eye on em." Oga’s words were laced with a determination that would never weather. Through their trek by far, things seemed relatively tame, that he was a pinch thankful for. It gave him a golden moment to get to know their new partner in arms for however longer.

"Say, speaking of villages. Isn’t that our destination up ahead?"

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As Pitou pressed the button, a very slight and subtly change happened. Pitou was already full grown so the swap barely affected her, but in Oga’s case…


”.. Well now.”

"WELL NOW?" A childish voice cried. If it hadn’t been for a certain link established by a now excited demon by his side, he would’ve been flat on his butt and unable to speak.


"What kinda button turns me into a damn baby again!?" God it was weird not having teeth anymore! If it wasn’t for all the distress, more important questions would have risen. Timeless classics such as—

How fucking old is she!?

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"Looki’! I did i’!"

         {/Look how proud she is. Before, for defenses, she’s able to manifest physical psychic energy as shapeless slashes or bubbles. things with no defining properties or details to them. But with the most amount of concentration she could muster, to create something small, she’s made a tiny little rag doll. It looked and moved like one when touched, but it was all energy.

Pure, concentrated energy.

          Every little stitch, faux fabric, was a manifest of the energy. How long she could keep this focus up, lets see how long her subconscious that was holding it beneath her utter joy would last.}

"C’mon! Yer no’ lookin’! I tried my darndes’, an I wen’ on an’ made i’!"

"Well I’d be damned—"

Those occurrences where energy outside of the realm of demonic use were far and between. Dark irises were lit with curiosity as he witnessed the efforts of the mind personified. Guess it was times like were the ones where an age old saying smacked him in the face. ‘The world truly was huge.’ So much phenomenon could be activated all with lot of will combine with a frigid or blazing soul. A few steps her pair of witnesses would be right before it.

For a duo whose latent powers tilted primarily towards the ends of destruction, a silent appreciation was held for abilities that did otherwise. Unsure fingers carefully grazed the energy formed doll in the midst of levitation, a hint of a smile formed upon his lips. That was one end where their imagination hadn’t tilted when it came to applying energy.

"Say, just how long had you been workin’ on getting this down pat anyways? It doesn’t feel like it’d vanish even if I held it."

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Anonymous whispered: *eats desserts in front of him*

"Now I just don’t get the idea how you think we’re all buddy buddy here." Who even sits and downs dessert around a guy who punch in faces at a moments notice? Well, as long as it keeps them occupied he guesses. There was finally some peace and quiet long as they stuffed their face. Now maybe he could finally see all the new chapters up in the latest Shounen Jump.

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Anonymous whispered: -stares at the child-

Why is he giving this whatever this particular expression? Who knows. Maybe they have something embarrassing showing, maybe he want to goad them for a funner reaction. Hell, maybe the little guy just needs a snack so he stops doing weird shit. Either or, you’re getting the reply that you asked for anon.

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Oga’s words quickly killed any remaining doubt in Luka’s head; Even if his clothes told it already, hearing it confirmed his suspicions, something that made the boy wonder exactly what was the strange force that caused both of them to end up in a place like that. In Luka’s case, he had to check out a hole into the air that quickly closed behind him when he entered that dimension, but was the same for the duo that he was now showing the way towards the village to? If yes, then it couldn’t have been just a simple coincidence…

"Yea, I kind of expected that." The forest was certainly dangerous, but mainly to those humans who didn’t exactly knew how to fight well. Youkais could be attacking left and right, but they were far from the strongest things that Gensokyo had to offer, and for the three of them, they were probably nothing but nuisances that didn’t even give enough experience points to be worth fighting.


"I guess some months." He replied, guessing where the discussion was heading. "Thought admittedly, I’ve yet to start to search for a way out. As people here don’t accept my own world’s money, I had to set up a camp and find a job first, so that I wouldn’t end up starving while seeking for what brought me here in the first place. Bothersome, but necessary." Plus, he would add if that didn’t ring as an offense to his ‘friends’, living around there was far easier than his world : No queen succubus which to hide from, no incredibly strong Dragon warrior that forced him to spar with her at every occasion, and the monsters surely looked less…revolting than what they did in his homeworld.
Really, if that world only had more coffee, he would be golden.

"Plus, while the forest isn’t too difficult to wander in, I’ve heard that the furthest one delves from the village, the stronger and more hostile monsters become, thus I have to plan my move carefully. Just wandering around is going to get me killed, at least if what some of those voices told is true.
But that makes me wonder, how did you end up here, exactly? Some kind of hole in the air or something similar, perhaps?”

If it hadn’t been for that ending touch to the spoken truth, they would’ve been severely disheartened. Months? Do you know how many new video games or destructive occurrences could happen in that small span of time!? Pressing a hand upon his chest, a sigh of ease escaped due to the fortune of that hopeful reply. That means there was a shot out their waiting to be outright or indirectly discovered. That would be their next goal soon enough!

At the mention of the forest, the father/son duo veered their sights over to the lush forestry that seemed to spread an endless expanse. True to his word, there did seem to be some eerie powers out there lurking within the shadows for that one not welcomed trespasser. Yeah, definitely good they found themselves a guide instead of being before the jaws of danger. Crunches of twigs and leaves upon the ground floor signaled the progress of their trek.

"Wait, y’mean that was the case that got you in here too? ..I can’t say it was exactly a hole that I dived into for the fun of it. I was making way to the demon world for some shit, then our ride sorta end up crapping out on us." And by crapping out, he meant that the said transfer demon helping them made one fatal error in transport adjustment. "So, just like you said. We literally fell out the clouds and have been booking it sense." Just the memories were enough to rouse a mild ache within his head. At least Beel seemed to be enjoying himself.

"So, we’re taking some shortcut so we can go n’ get your fix. Or are we gonna have to make a jump through the rough ends of the nature walk?" A grin of light defiance couldn’t help but remain. "We need to show em’ that some fun company dropped by."

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If Luka’s father was still there to see how things were unfolding, he would probably pick Luka up and run away, scolding his son after the danger was out of sight and telling him that those with that kind of glister in their eyes, a shining star that promised nothing but flames and armageddon, were those he told him to stay away from, no matter how many candies might them offer.
That is, of course, if his father wasn’t the piece of shit he was, blowing up his own share of stuff for everything but good reasons.

How exactly that duo that stood in front of him was able, with a few words, to sparkle up Luka’s inner fire, that he couldn’t tell. There was simply something that clicked just right, and that made Luka move from his normal, calm self into a more determined one, making him even ignore how different their clothes were until Oga himself announced that he was like Luka, just a newcomer in that youkai infested land.


"Nice to meet you two. My name’s Luka, and if we want to get to the village, that would be this way. We might end having to deal with a few…troublesome individual, but I doubt that would be a problem." After all, one warrior easily recognized another, no? Leading the way, Luka walked calmly, but certainly not slow. Coffee couldn’t wait, after all.

Luka’s upbeat pace was kept up with the duo’s seemingly casual stride. Even to this minute this mysterious world needed proper adjusting towards. With the perks of modern day civilization tossed out the window, it had an old age feel, similar to another adventure he shared with certain detective brimming with as much vigor as he was. “Troublesome, huh?” Oga finally brought up again. That detail naturally holding his attention above all else.

"Luckily you won’t have to worry too much about us. While we’re liable with the whole getting lost thing, holding our own is one of those well versed styles we got.” Otherwise they would’ve been dead and detained long before this encounter of theirs could be held. Embracing the qualities of nature, a small sense of comfort was offered. At least this wasn’t showing any warped backgrounds like the demon world was notorious for. A small look was offered to their new traveling companion.

"Say, so how long has it been for you anyways? Hanging around here I mean." Originally he believed he was going to meet all locals. There was a small bond to be found with them being stuck in the same boat. While he was unsure what this guy planned to do, finding a way to modern day times was one task of many for Oga Tatsumi.

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"Hmmm," it was a good question, one that provided an easy explanation. "Well, for starters, Spirit Energy, or Reiki, is the energy of the mind and body, found solely in those who are human or derive from human decent. Where as Demon Energy, or Yoki, is the energy found in demons. Both are very different, so I would say a barrier like that would be detected by humans with spiritual awareness. If a demon could sense it, it would have to have human blood mixed in with its DNA."

Genkai’s mind was beginning to place together the facts, much like her and many others, Oga didn’t appear the type to stand for the cruel way others were mistreated, especially when groups like these were involved. They were a serious bunch, and to refuse an offer from them would land you mangled and six feet under in a matter of heartbeats.

"And this Himekawa seemed to pick up on a very good lead." She offered, no matter how minimal the find was. It was hard to come by any information involving elitist groups lying deep within the human-demon underground. They moved in secret, picking up and advancing without a word. Meanwhile, they hired demon bodyguards and service men who would stall for them and were easily rid of, cast aside to the front for a temporary distraction while their owners slipped away. "To even uncover such information shows you’ve made a strong allie." She praised, folding her arms over her chest. "But now the question remains, are you walking into a trap? A group like this could have easily wanted him to uncover it. They’re slippery, and always have ulterior motives."

If only that bastard was here to revel in that praise. An amusing thought was quickly cast aside so they could keep focused on the matter at hand. What the wise woman inquired next had been something to catch him off. A trap? At this point, he learned from previous experiences they learned to craft styles and methods to even keep higher threat demon bound by metaphorical chains. As his head tilted down, a soft hum escaped as he considered it.

"Almost like they’re rolling out a red carpet for me to do some dirty work." This hadn’t been a first they took advantage of him. In short, they planned to use and cast him aside, just a tool to increase Beel’s powers before they worked whatever dark magic to make him obey. Just the thought managed to make the delinquent’s eyes unintentional darker as emotions boiled as a natural reaction. Focus Oga, the small reminder aided him as a steamy exhale escaped his lips.

So how about if they didn’t walk? “I’ve been over enough of these plan up meets to get the picture now. How about we’re the ones making the surprise instead? If we find a way they didn’t anticipate, we could get a boot up their asses and save ourselves a lot of trouble.” He added in. Those days of where he helplessly flailed in someone else’s momentum was done.

This is where that change began.

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transparent demon family lurking in your blog

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