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[Indie RP account for Oga Tatsumi from the Beelzebub series from Shounen Jump. Everyone welcomed.



"Hehee. Your Dads a pedo."

Shakes his head insisting no.

He knows from experience that this girl is crazy! So, he’d just take the moment to pat her leg, insisting otherwise.

"Ah, dah ah, ah!" His dad is a manly man!

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You did.” For all that trouble and now he has the nerve to pretend she is the one eager to be his friend? Can’t he be more of a stuck up shithead?

"Quit being rude, you should have introduced yourself first before asking my name. Ugh, I’m Kirishima Touka."

Point taken. Her formal way of pointing out these issues and addressing them was saint like patience had him feeling awkward. No, why was he having a conscious now of all times!?

"Oga Tatsumi. My bad on all of that." A street styled apology was the best he could muster currently.

"I ain’t got the best memory to me, y’know?"

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"So, Mr Tatsumi, would you ever want to have a child of your own? No offense to you Honored Beel, of course."

"One day. Pretty much when I got something that’s gonna seal me in a single place for the rest of my days." Now isn’t that a pretty depressing way to look at it? However for the youth it would remain as one of those sturdy truths. Not everyone had the luxury of hounding your kids onto others and those said people being kind souls to carry on with them.

"Beel already has a couple siblings anyways. He ain’t no stranger to some extra people he’d be related too." A hand would rise for a motion to pause.

"But no more of this! Don’t you see my destructive years are more important now!?"

"You’re the one who started saying we were friends and that kind of shit!" screw YOU

"I did what now?" If only a certain rebellion against all pigeons came back to mind. Actually no wait, it did.

"Woman I still need to know your name. How can we be all buddy buddy if I don’t even know that much?"

incompletus said—

Hides in his inbox from birds. :(

"So. Any reason why a complete stranger is getting comfy here again? I still have no idea who you frickin’ are.”

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AND SO. The shiniest and prettiest living pony of diamonds. BUTT STALLION! Has come and delivered upon the Oga, Oreos. ))HELLO FRIEND!

What in the fu—

The primary thing that drew them to speechlessness was this equine deity’s name. It was literally so important that a floating sign made of magical combination floated above his head! These two were stunned speechless as the stallion delivered their treasure cookies and even seemed prepped to get along with them.

Well, who can go wrong with Oreos? No complaints here!

"Beel. I think we just found ourselves a new friend."

"Buh bah!" He cheerily exclaimed. That was his attempt of saying Butt Stallion’s name.