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[Indie RP account for Oga Tatsumi from the Beelzebub series from Shounen Jump. Everyone welcomed.

"N’ I wonder what a certain princess that I’m glued too is up too." Is already off on the search for her.

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Jack Rakan does not flip the table. NO Jack Rakan FLIPS THE GOD DAMN HOUSE!

This would go and explain the crashing sounds outside that were a bit too abnormal for the usual delinquency. Gripping the pages of his shounen manga more roughly than intended, a bland stare became his primary expression. Yeah. He really needed to find that man’s power output for the every hour.


"Looks like the adventures of Gintoki’s next fuck up is gonna have to wait a pinch longer."

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”.. ….We got no idea on how to make out last night, ah, Baby Beel?”




Stares in intrigued confusion, but says nothing. In fact, the sight is so profound it makes Rosalina begin to wonder things…deep things. 

What is the meaning of life?

Will Cookie Monster ever go to rehab?

What is Beyonce doing right now?

These were, as the delinquent himself would say, the real topics.

"Rosalina.." His voice was soft as he uttered her name. There was some mental synching to a certain degree between the three. These topics, these questions.

Why did they have no answers? Only more questions could come. There was a particular one that struck him.

"Is naming a kid after a literal direction really the way to go?"

Within the cold depths of space not too far off, a Goomba could be seen stuck in the eternal hell of not being able to breathe, nor being able to freeze. Prolonged torture.

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Ask nicely — a meaningless yet grand task, you do not request out of a demon to act amicable nor impose anything of that sort. His shameful face was incentive to her annoyance, Hilda’s only visible eye narrowing onto his direction as a result. Resisting any urge of forming a pout and break her indifferent expression took a greater toll on her than expected. This foolish man may consider himself smart but he wasn’t against any normal challenger.

It takes two to tango after all.

"I’ll make easy…"


"Do it or you can start saying goodbye to your pathetic existence." She smiled, that alone should suffice.

Those were the words that brought them to an almost ritual standstill. Of course her smiles would seem filled with sugar to the oblivious but silver lined with venom to the experienced. It’d be met with the sight of a face that seemed indifferent to literally everything. To think that pizza would also join the ranks of many issues that were worthy enough to mark with a death threat. Scratching his cheek idly, this was his way to show that he was considering his options. Dying by Hilda’s hand, even with all the power he and Beel formed—

This still worked a cold child up his spine. But a man, he can’t be the one to back down easy or at all.

"But I like existing. N’ wouldn’t me being dead mean no pizza for an hour longer? C’mon, c’monnnnn~" His lips quirked to a light smirk. This was such a dangerously fun game to play.

"Would it really be like breaking a leg to do so?"

uberirdisch said—

Leans in and whispers, "Take out the garbage of your room, it reeks."


Whispers back.

"Woman, that bag still has my fries I need to finish off in there. Along with one more good burger, it ain’t hitting the trash till the goods are gone."

Floats around in curled ball formation with Beel in Rosalina’s observatory.

For no reason whatsoever.

hieitato said—

" It surely comes in handy when dealing with the average enemy who wishes death upon you. In the shounen universe, eighty percent of the time, you will fight the villain and this villain will throw you into the ground and make you wish that you were never born until the last few minutes of the actual battle--where you miraculously make a comeback and beat him in one third of that time. "


"For those real unlucky bastards, no such case even happens at all. When you suck and fail at the time you’re most needed, everything and everyone you love pays for it. If there’s loved ones by you as you fall, they will either get viciously tortured or killed for your enemy’s amusement and your sorrow."

"But if both endure and push through the trials. Then congrats, you’re about to get a helluva lot stronger. Just in time since there’s gonna be someone coming at you who was x10 as strong as the last person. You won’t really feel the sense of accomplishment until the ending of your series."

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I— it’s not like I’m happy you’ve decided to tell me this or anything.


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Lookin down her shirt. "Still there. Sometimes not being a Shonen does have its plus." walks away with my nipples intact.


-Picks up and tosses her over to Erza for the sole intention of making that redheaded woman suffer.-

-Suffering equates to strength boosting.-

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